I rent from you the car described in the other side of this agreement and I agree to the terms below and on the other side. I. Me and my refers to the person that signs this agreement, you and your refer to Tony’s Car Hire.

  • Definition of “car”. The word “car” in this agreement means the vehicle rented or it’s replacement, includes tyres, tools, equipment, accessories and plates.
  • When I’ll return the car. I’ll return the vehicle on the Date and Time indicated on the front. I’ll return it sooner at your demand, if I fail to return the car on agreed Date and Time, I will be liable for further charges for the extra time and kilometres. No grace period will be allowed, if I require the car for longer than intended, I will arrange with you prior to the expiry of the original rental period for further rental, I will lodge a further deposit if required.
  • Where I’ll return the car. The car must be returned to the agreed location stipulated on the other side of this agreement. A rate charge or special charges may apply if returned to a different location.
  • Rental Charge. I will pay for the number of kilometres I drive and the length of time I rent the car for at the rates stipulated on the front of this agreement. The minimum charge is one day (24 hours) plus kilometres, or a fixed rate. Kilometres are determined by factory-installed odometer, which are sealed and if tampered with an additional 500 km a day will be charged to me. I’ll pay charges for miscellaneous services that apply to the rental.
  • Insurance (C, D & T Cover) (Collision Damage and Theft) Is mandatory on all rentals at the Daily Rates, specified. I’m liable for the excess stipulated on the Front of this agreement, I’m fully responsible for loss incurred if an additional driver or I or not:
    1. Abuse the car or violate prohibited use or operation.
    2. Drive recklessly or while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance.
    3. Fail to promptly report an accident to the Police and Tony’s Car Hire.
    4. Fail to complete an accident report.
    5. Obtain the car through fraud or misrepresentation.
    6. Use the car for illegal purpose.
    7. Operate the car outside the Borders of the Republic of South Africa, without consent of Tony’s Car Hire.
  • Tyres,Rims,Glass and Water damage are Not Covered By Insurance
  • Refuelling Service charges. I’ll pay a Refuelling Service Charge if I return the car with less fuel than when rented. This charge will equal the price of Fuel per litre plus 10 % per litre multiplied by the number of litres required to refill the car’s fuel tank determined by factory installed fuel gauge.
  • Insurance For Personal Accident. I Understand and Agree that there is no such cover, and agree that you are NOT responsible for any injuries or fatalities incurred while renting your car.
  • Insurance for Personal Belongings. I understand and agree that there is no such cover, and agree that you are NOT responsible for any such losses.
  • Expenses and Fines. I’ll pay all fines, court costs and recovery expenses for parking, traffic offences and other violations, including storage fees and charges, with respect to the use if the car while on rental to me. I understand and agree that you may recover any such expenses from my Credit Cards on the strength of my signature on the front of this agreement.
  • E-toll. I hereby understand and agree to the payment of e-tolls on Gauteng Highways, I agree that a 10% handling fee is added onto the toll fees. If I remove or damage the e-tag affixed to windscreen I hereby agree that I will be charged R1000.00 plus all tolls at the higher Rates.
  • Rental Charges Errors. The charges shown on the other side are not final and are subject to recalculation. I’ll pay any undercharges and I’ll receive a refund for any overcharges you discover on your final audit.
  • Prohibited use of the car. I will not use or permit the car to be used to carry passengers or property for hire, to tow or push anything, to be operated in a test, race or contest or on unpaved roads, or while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or for an illegal purpose, including the transportation of a controlled substance or contraband. A violation of this paragraph automatically terminates my rental and makes me liable to you for all penalties, fines, forfeitures, fees and recovery and storage costs, including all legal Expenses.
  • Who else may drive the car? Nobody other than the people whose name’s appears on the front of this agreement may drive the car. The additional driver must be 23years of age minimum and have a valid drivers license for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Repossessing the car. You can reposes the car anytime it is found to be illegally parked, being used to violate the law or terms of this agreement, or appears to be abandoned, you can also reposes anytime you discover I made a misrepresentation to obtain the car, you needn’t notify me in advance.
  • Payments. All charges, fees and expenses, including payment for loss or damage of the car, are due at your demand, if I do not pay all charges when due, I agree to pay interest at 15% per month, I will pay all collection costs, including a service charge for any cheque that is not honoured by a financial institute and your reasonable legal fees, if I do not pay my account when due, you may contact me or my employer at my place of business about payment.
  • Property left in car. You are not responsible for loss of or damage to any property left in or on the car, in any service vehicle, on my premises, or received or handled by you, regardless of who is at fault. I’ll be responsible for claims by others for loss or damage

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