Camping Equipment for hire...

This Service is ONLY available to our car hire clients.

We offer camping equipment hire for our car hire customers, camping is a great way to experience South Africa and its beauty. Have a look at our camping equipment hire pricing below with it options.

Equipment (Daily Rates)

  • 4 Man Tent @ R20 (Replacement Value R1000)
  • Sleeping Bag @ R5 (Replacement Value R250)
  • Picnic Table @ R5 (Replacement Value R250)
  • Picnic Chairs @ R5 (Replacement Value R250)
  • Gas Cooker @ R5 (Replacement Value R250)
  • Cooler (Ice Box) @ Free (Replacement Value R200)
  • Cooking Untensils @ R10

Cooking Untensils Breakdown

  • Plastic plates, saucers, cups, mugs @ R10 each
  • Knives, forks, spoons @ R 2 each
  • Barbeque tongs, egg lifter, serving spoon @ R10 each
  • Can and bottle opener @ R50 each
  • Battery operated torch @ R50 each
  • Cooking pot set @ R250 each
  • Subject to our Terms and Conditions

Important Notes

  • Camping equipment hire must be for 7 days or more.
  • All equipment must be collected and dropped off at the office.
  • If additional equipment is required, please enquire.
  • For rentals longer than 14 days, please enquire about special rates.